Shred7 Challenge

Hey, Coach Matt here!

The Shred 7 Challenge is 7 weeks of customized training & meal planning, along with group coaching calls and mindset training. Why 7 weeks? Well the 1st week, you're going to get everything ready for the next 6 weeks. You're going to receive your meal plan, training regime, and will get some one on one with me so you can understand what the next 6 weeks will look like. Not only that but you're going to be on this journey with a few other people, so you will also be getting a chance to meet everyone else and maybe find a accountability buddy (Highly Recommended).

This challenge is made for people who are done with their current lifestyle. People who aren't happy with themselves, have low energy, want to look & feel better, and just are ready to make a damn change! This challenge will be challenging (ironic right lol) and you will be tested. You will have days where you want to quit, but guess what, on that road there is no results, no happiness, there is NOTHING! All that will do is loop you around to where you were before you landed here. The point I'm trying to make is this, this challenge is for people who are willing to look in the face of defeat and say "F**k you, I WILL ACHIEVE THIS".

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