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Leg, Booty, and Core Blaster

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Welcome to the Leg, Booty, and Core Blaster!!

This product is extremely fun and effective!

This 6-Week program was designed to define, tone, and strengthen your legs, booty, and core! These 6-weeks are broken up into 3 different sections: Section 1 - The conditioning phase, Section 2: The muscle building phase, and Section 3: The muscle toning and fat burning phase.

Within this program you will receive:

 - A well organized and structure plan

- Videos explaining how each exercise should be conducted

- Exact reps, sets, rest periods, warm ups, cool downs, and stretches.

- Access to the Secret Facebook group "Athletic Beings Academy"

- 24/7 hour support from the Athletic Beings Team

- A great time, progress, and results


Once purchase is complete, you will receive and email asking you to install an app which will provide you with the appropriate program. Are you ready?

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